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Did you know 96% of food allergies in dogs are due to livestock, poultry and fish ingredients??

Dogs deserve food made with high qualitynatural, and nutrient-rich ingredients that support their needs all while preserving life on our planet.

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Insect Protein is:

Did you know Black Soldier Fly protein is as digestible as chicken?

Insects, while small, pack a big punch of nutrients:

- All essential amino acids

- Omegas 3 and 6

- Calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc

- Prebiotics and more!

They produce high-quality protein and nutrients with only a tiny fraction of the resources livestock, poultry, and fish need!

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Not sure if your dog likes bugs? We get it - we tested our Berry Buglicious with dogs across Canada and we are approved picky-eater-proof! 

Check out some of our happy customer reviews here (translated to human for your viewing)

Arrived almost immediately and my dog loves them.They have a nice crunch, which my dog Finley really likes. I like that they are Canadian, healthy and environmentally sustainable. Here’s a pic of Finley relaxing after a cookie (or 4).

Pat C.

Fantastic!I wasn't sure if my dogs would like a biscuit style cookie, but I was interested in trying out insect protein. My curiosity paid off - they are fans. They sniffed them like crazy and rolled around. Very silly.

Kathy D.

You guys are very special!Riley is very picky with his treats. He will often refuse treats and only like special ones. He is currently on his third Berry buglicious cookie, so you guys are very special.

Mirela R.

Great!Our dog Luna loves these treats! We can’t wait for the dog food!

Helen Z.

Piper LOVED the Berry Bug-licious treats from HOPE Pet Food. As a new pupper in the family, these treats became very high value for her while we were learning to play fetch. I appreciate too that they could be broken into bits for prolonged treating! Loved the compostable mailer!

Alannah H.

It tastes good and Dazzle will go to place for it. I could not be happier. I got a bag for all my doggie friend.
Merry Christmas and thank you so much.

Luba M.

Abby LOVES these treats!My dog can be picky, but she's always delighted to have a her "bug treats", and I can feel good about giving them to her!


All 3 of my pups love their buglicious treats! I love that they are made from insect protein and bonus, they have a nice, firm, non crumbly texture. They are easy to break into smaller bits for the puppy and I don't have a pocket full of greasy crumbs. Thank you, Hope! I will be ordering again :)
(I would include a photo if I could figure out how...sorry...)

Lynn Y.

My Finn has a lot of food sensitivities and and he tolerated these treats really well :)

Becky P.

Pawisvitity Excellent!As soon as I came in the door with the package my pup was there trying to get into it! A definite hit❤

Sharon P.

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