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How to Pick The Best Dog Training Treats 2022

How to Pick The Best Dog Training Treats 2022

How to Pick The Best Dog Training Treats 2022

What are the best training treats for your dog? There are a few circumstances to look at when you’re choosing which treat to give your dog as a reward for good behaviour.

  1. Are you training a young puppy or a mature dog?
  2. Is your dog only food motivated?
  3. What kind of treats are your pups favourite (is your pooche a picky eater, have dietary ristrictions)?

Choosing the best training treat can depend on the training situation and your furry pal. If you are starting to train an 8-week old puppy, a food reward is going to be your best friend!
But, if you have been training your dog for a longer period of time, you may be able to get away with giving praise or throwing a toy for your dog as their reward. It all depends on what inspires and motivates your individual pup.

Using Kibble In The Treat Rotation

If your furry pal is extremely food motivated, using a portion of your puppies’ meal. Kibble is best to use for some in house or even backyard training. This ensures your puppy isn’t getting more than 10% of their daily calories from treats, and you can save actual treats for busier training circumstances.

High-Value Treats

For training outside of your home, or a particularly tricky command you are working on, using a higher value reward is a good idea. A high-value reward is any treat that may be extra smelly or tasty that your pup loves! These treats will easily catch your puppy’s attention on a walk, at the park, etc. Using a mixture of different treats is also a great idea so your dog is kept interested and motivated! This can include kibbles, soft training treats, small biscuits, different flavours etc. Also, keep in mind that any treat could be cut/broken into a smaller treat.

Small Training Treats Vs. Large Training Treats

Offering small treats is a good plan so that your pup can easily eat the treat and keep on training, without stopping to crunch on the treat. This way your pup can keep on track and not lose focus by spending time eating the treat. Smaller treats also help ensure your dog isn’t getting an excess of calories throughout the day.
As your puppy begins to understand each command you are teaching them, you can slowly stop rewarding them with a treat. Instead, you can continue rewarding them with praise and pets, so your furry pal still knows they’re doing everything right but they won’t be receiving a treat every single time. This will help ensure you know that your pup will still perform in the future when you may not have treats with you all the time.

The Best Dog Training Treats 2022

Some things we look for in a good high-value training treat is a simple yet delicious ingredient list. Treats that your pupper gets visibly excited about. And we appreciate treats that are easily broken into smaller pieces!

Another thing to consider is the environmental impact of the treats. Pets make up about 20- 25% of the meat consumption in North America! With traditional livestock and fish farming as one of the leading contributors to global emissions looking for treats that leave a smaller environmental paw print may come into your consideration when choosing the best training treat for your furry BFF.

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