Riley is very picky with his treats. He will often refuse treats and only like special ones. He is currently on his third Berry Buglicious cookie!

Mirela R.You guys are very special
Whitney S.Franklin loved the treats!

It’s kinda cool they’re made with bug protein.

Todd D.Daisy loved them!

I like to support women-owned businesses, and I am interested in more sustainable options for my dog.

Insect Dog Treats Canada
Amy B.It smells good, not like a dog treat!

Frances told us: “Daddy says I can’t just have treats for dinner, but I really think he should make an exception!”

Conor F.So I have found my new favourite thing!

I like that each piece can be easily broken into smaller pieces with no crumbs left. I am interested in more sustainable options for my dog Cooper.

Jimena O.Glad to be able to visually find cranberries on each treat!

Ronin gives HOPE biscuits a 5/5

Bella C.Smells great! Love that it’s made with natural ingredients.

My dog has allergies or sensitivities and I am looking for hypoallergenic options. I try to buy products made in Canada.

Insect Dog Treats Canada
Kris S.I love that they smell like human cookies!

Milly’s mom says “thankfully the bugs are well ground up!”

Mandy L.Milly rates HOPE treats 5/5!

Sometimes when we give her new food/treats that aren’t straight up meat products she hesitates. That was not the case with HOPE! She loves loves loves these!

Alyson B.Luna showed no hesitation on gobbling up these biscuits!