Protecting our Planet

With Care at Every Step

HOPE’s unique recipe harnesses the benefits of sustainable ingredients found in nature. Carefully balanced and eco-friendly for pet and planet!

You shouldn't have to choose between your pet and your planet

Now you don't have to

Did you know?

Pet food accounts for 25-30% of the environmental impact of raising livestock

Imagine the positive impact it would have on our environment if we were able to eliminate the use of beef and chicken in our pets foods! Alternative proteins like insect larvae and algae reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, water, and land usage needed to feed our pups. Buy eco-friendly!

A Truly Sustainable Alternative

Black Soldier Fly larvae are fed on food waste, and create a fertilizer that helps crops grow. It is a truly circular process. Their demand on land and water usage is also a fraction of that associated with raising livestock.

Our Impact

With A Unique Approach

By going direct to the nutrients pets need, and using ingredients like spent yeast, HOPE provides a balanced meal without the massive pawprint! The Omega 3 that most foods capture from fish actually comes from the algae they eat - so we go straight to the source!

Obsessed with Impact

We know that 70% of the emissions associated with pet food production comes from the meat-based ingredients. But we are obsessed with making an impact, and we don't intend to stop there. While our formulas are by nature incredibly eco-friendly, we are searching for the most sustainable and waste-free ways of sourcing, cooking, and distributing our foods. That means that soon you may find our kibble in a waste-free or bulk product store near you! We intend to keep innovating to ensure that our product is as eco-friendly as possible.


We worry about our impact at every stage so you don't have to

Your pet is always our first priority. We work with a great team to make sure our products live up to our values.

Scientists and Nutritionists

We have experts on board to ensure our food is healthy, balanced, and safe

Animal Welfare Activists

We are animal activists, fighting for animal welfare and better legislation

Environmental Experts

We are looking at sustainability at every step – from our protein sources to our packaging

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