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Insect Based Dog Food

As pet parents, we have growing concerns with the meat found in traditional pet food

— There is a better way to feed our pets —

HOPE is packed with clean healthy insect protein

HOPE Pet Food is an insect protein dog food made locally in Toronto, Canada. Our all women team of pet nutrition experts and protein scientists have done years of research and testing to develop a formula that will allow our pets and planet to thrive.

HOPE is packed with clean healthy protein, rich in Omegas, and has a yummy taste dogs love! Only high quality ingredients make it to our limited ingredient recipe. HOPE contains no common allergens and can be a great solution for dogs with allergies. Every ingredient is there for a reason, and you can read more about our honest formulation practices here.

We pride ourselves on an honest, science based approach

Insect-based alternative protein
Great for pet and planet
Formulated by pet nutritionists
100% satisfaction guarantee
Backed by science
100% Canadian

Founder and CEO

Scientist, protein expert, and ultimate optimist!

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Pet Nutrition Specialist

Pet nutrition specialist with a passion for sustainability

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— Sustainable Protein Without Sacrifice —

Insects are packed with nutrients!
Insect Protein Dog Food
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    2X the protein of beef
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    More iron than spinach
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    9X the omegas of wild salmon
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    More calcium than milk

— Traditional pet food is not sustainable —

Insects use a fraction of the resources to produce
Of all meat produced in North American goes into our pet's food
Pet food in North America creates more emissions than all cars in Canada
Producing meat for North American pets requires more land than the area of Italy

These are the goals we can help address

The UN has established 17 goals to ensure global prosperity


The pressure for large amounts of human grade meat for pets taxes our food systems


HOPE can help reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce pet food


75% of the emissions associated with pet food come from the production of the meat ingredients


The world's fish stocks are overexploited. HOPE helps conserve marine ecosystems by being fish free.


Human activity has altered 75% of the Earth's surface. HOPE helps protect biodiversity by being meat free.

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