For True Animal Lovers

Packed with meat-free protein

HOPE’s meat-free recipe harnesses the benefits of diverse and novel ingredients found in nature. Carefully balanced to be great for your pet, your planet, and your conscience!

You shouldn't have to choose between your pet and your values

Now you don't have to


Factory Farming is Unethical

More than 99 percent of farmed animals live out their lives on factory farms, where production is maximized above all else.

Make a Huge Impact

With no sacrifices

So All Animals Can Thrive

If we can do better, we should do better.


Factory Farming is Unsustainable

The equivalent of 8 times the human population in farmed animals are slaughtered for food every year. Meat demand is on the rise, and so is the cost to our planet

with meatless dog food you can choose kindness

Why Try HOPE?

We believe that if we can do better, we should. By switching to a meat-free pet food, you will not only see your own furry friend thrive, but spare the lives of hundreds of chickens, pigs, or cows who would otherwise be their dinner. The choices we make can have a big impact – be a part of the change.

“Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever.”

We believe all animals deserve dignity and quality of life

We work with a great team to make sure our products live up to our values and get it right

Animal Rights Organizations

We have experts on board to ensure our food is healthy, balanced, and safe

Animal Welfare Activists

We are animal activists, fighting for animal welfare and better legislation

Local Producers

We are looking at sustainability at every step – from our protein sources to our packaging

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