Sofia Bonilla, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

I am Scientist by training and I am in love with biology and nature. For the past 10+ years I have been doing research at the intersection of biology, environment and engineering and it always comes back to nature and her wisdom. How can we learn from her? A couple of years ago I became interested in food. I had been working with proteins for most of my academic life but I wanted to better understand the current issues with our food systems. Why do we feed ourselves the way we do and what are our main challenges? How do we feed our loved ones in a way that is sustainable? How can we feed them today in a way that they can thrive but that it will also support their future in this planet? I came to realize that while we as humans have been trying to reduce our meat consumption for health and sustainability reasons, the opposite has happened in pet food. To the point that our furry friends consume 25% of meat produced in North America. After a lot of research, everything clicked! What if we go beyond the “meat vs. plant” debate? Our pets need nutrients that plants cannot provide so what if we look at nature? It turns out that all the nutrients our pets need, that were previously thought to be found only in meat are in other natural ingredients such as insects, algae and yeast. The best part? Science confirms these novel sources of nutrients are great for our pets. The cherry on top? They love the taste! As a Scientist and a mother of 2 humans and 1 canine, my commitment to them and to you, is to do better. We are an evidence-based company guided by science and kindness because we should do better and the best part is that we can do better. That is HOPE.