A Nutritious Diet

The Best of Science & Nature

HOPE’s nutritious recipe harnesses the benefits of diverse and novel ingredients found in nature. Carefully balanced to be great for your pet, your planet, and your conscience!

Sourcing Nutrients from All Parts of Nature

Pet foods have been using the same traditional ingredients since kibble was first manufactured: chicken, beef, pork, and a few other meats.
But nature actually offers an incredible spectrum of nutrients, and many are more nutritious and sustainable! With Hope, your pets can thrive by tapping into the potential of novel protein sources from across the Tree of Life.

Alternative Proteins from Across the Tree of Life

    • Complete and Balanced
    • Hypoallergenic and Limited Ingredient
    • Using whole, clean, natural ingredients and no by-products
    • Organic and antibiotic free
    • Formulated to AAFCO and FEDIAF standards


Proudly sourced, formulated and manufactured in Canada.

Some of our Star Ingredients

HOPE Pet Foods is not just plant-based. Our meat-free recipe uses the natural benefits of ingredients from across the Tree of Life to bring your pet a complete nutritious diet. It is whole, clean, and packed with protein. How do we do it? Check out some of the exciting ingredients we love:









You shouldn't have to chose between your pet and your values

With HOPE, you don't have to.

The Health and Well-Being of our Pets Always Comes First

We work with a great team to make sure our products live up to our values and get it right

Animal Nutritionists

We have experts on board to ensure our food is healthy, balanced, and safe


We work closely with veterinarians to formulate our recipes


We are always learning, and will never stop researching to learn how we can do even better

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