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HOPE: verb, /hōp/

To want something to happen, and have good reason to think it might

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We are on a mission to provide pet parents with better food for their furry family members, bridging the gap between nutritious and sustainable.

Our Values

> We create superior pet food with sustainable practices

> We leverage nature and embrace science 

> We pursue progress and excellence

> We believe that doing good is good business

> We feel optimistic about the future

Meet our Team

Our Approach

We use science to create better pet food with nutrient-rich insects, algae and fungi, leaving livestock and fish ingredients behind.

Our Vision

We envision a world where doing right for pets, people and planet is ubiquitous.

Closing The Gap Between Nutritious And Sustainable

Our formulas are developed by our team of Scientists, including our in house pet nutritionist.

Each and every ingredient has been carefully considered, researched and tested.

The result? premium formulas for your pet that deliver on nutrition, taste and are sustainably produced!

Testing and maintaining high-quality standards is something we believe in and practice. Each batch of HOPE pet food is tested by a third-party laboratory.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Over 25% of all the meat produced in North America goes towards feeding our pets leaving a massive carbon footprint.

At HOPE we believe pet nutrition should empower both your pet and the planet to thrive so we’re bringing the latest science to pet food.

For this very reason, our formulas are made with insect protein.

Insects are the most efficient protein source for your dog and our earth.

Sustainability at HOPE

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