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Thanks for giving us the chance to tell you more about pet food, our ingredients, and how HOPE can provide the healthy sustainable fuel your dog needs.


We strive to be fully transparent and to provide all the resources and education you need as a pet parent.


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When you choose to feed HOPE to your pets, you are choosing to feed a nutritious and sustainable diet created in Canada by a women-led team of scientists on a mission to use science and kindness to make radically better, meat-free, sustainable pet food so that all living things can live in harmony with the needs of our planet.

As the human population grows, the companion animal population grows as well. This means a very large demand for agricultural production. Feeding your pets HOPE can reduce your pet’s environmental impact or ecological pawprint. Traditional pet foods rely on meat ingredients, which create a ton of greenhouse gases, and demand a massive amount of land and water. If we do not start thinking about sustainability, our pet food will not only begin to compete with human food supply chains, but we will continue to see devastating biodiversity loss.

Where are HOPE's ingredients sourced?
Are there different flavours or lines for different life stages?
Do dogs like insects?
What are the insects fed?
Does AAFCO approve the inclusion of insects in dog food?
Is insect protein for dogs backed by peer-reviewed scientific research?
What the difference between seaweed, algae and kelp?
Why do you include grains in your food?
What are pulses?
Is HOPE OK for puppies?
What's the right protein content for dogs?
How often should I feed my dog?
How do I transition my dog to HOPE?
Will HOPE work for my dog with allergies?
What does "complete and balanced" mean?
What does "guaranteed analysis' mean?
Is the Canadian pet food industry regulated?
What is AAFCO?
What is FEDIAF?