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The Future of Pet Food is Nutritious and Sustainable

Nature is wise and plentiful, and just like us all of the nutrients dogs need can be found across the tree of life. 

At HOPE, we pride ourselves on using natural, nutrient rich ingredients like insects, algae and fungi. These ingredients have been used for millenia to create nutritious and sustainable food for dogs and people alike.

Our Ingredients

We are leaving livestock and fish farming behind! Our ingredients offer superb nutrition while embracing and protecting the diversity of life on this planet


We knew there had to be a solution for our pet food that didn’t involve livestock and fish farming ingredients or sacrificing nutrients by relying on plants.

Canadian Black Soldier Flies offer a complete protein source, omegas, prebiotics and more! The sustainable solution was flying around our heads the whole time!

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Pets Need Nutrients

Pets need nutrients, not ingredients. There is no one single ingredient that provides all the nutrients pets need; this is where the science comes in!

Our formulas leave the environmentally depleting resource of livestock and fish farming behind. We source all the nutrients dogs need to thrive from the natural phenomena of insects, algae, fungi and plants.

Do you want to learn more about your dog’s nutrient requirements and how we support their healthy living?

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Nutrition is a Science

We follow the latest evidence to provide optimal nutrition for our dogs.

We use the requirements set out by AAFCO and FEDIAF to guide our formulations. We also use our own, stricter, nutritional guidelines made with the latest pet nutrition evidence to create what we call: the HOPE requirements.

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