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Sustainability Policies

HOPE Sustainability Policies & Practices

HOPE Pet Food is founded on a holistic approach to sustainability; meaning we integrate sustainable business practices in our procurement, production, consumption, and our internal business operations, and external partnerships. 

The nature of our business means we interact with the agriculture (ingredient procurement) and manufacturing industries. 


The biggest opportunity for environmental impact is in our ingredient procurement. While we know insect protein has a significantly reduced carbon footprint than its industry competitors like beef, chicken, and fish, HOPE doesn’t want to stop our assessments there. 

We have been actively developing a comprehensive environmental impact calculator to inform and optimize our formulation process to be as nutritious and eco-friendly as possible. This calculator helps us to assess the nutritional value of ingredients as well as their environmental impact to ensure we are able to optimize both segments and uphold our reputation as a leader in the nutritious and sustainable pet food space. We’re working on making this information available on our website.



In manufacturing, it is important to HOPE to have an understanding of their energy usage, waste management, and labour practices when partnering with them. We logistically have to work with multiple manufacturing partners to create our current and coming products. All of our manufacturing partners leverage renewable energy sources to cleanly power most of, if not all, of their facilities and productions. They all have certifiably responsible waste management policies and practices; and diverse, protected, and fairly-paid labour forces. 

We try to source our manufacturers with the following guideline:

  • Do they have certifications?
  • Are they a local supplier (to limit transportation)?
  • Are they a diverse supplier?
  • Do they have sustainable practices and policies in place?

Product Lifecycle

HOPE Pet Food pays attention to the entire lifecycle of our products, from the farms across Canada and Northern US from which they come from, to the recycling bin our packaging is intended to end up. Visit to learn more about how to recycle your HOPE pet food treat bags and how to find information about your local recycling policies. 

Our Sustainability Goals

One of HOPE’s goals is to conduct lifecycle assessments (LCAs) for all of our products. These assessments require intensive attention to detail and time commitments both internally and externally; HOPE’s LCAs for all products are projected to be completed by 2025. Alike to our ecological pawprint calculator, HOPE will make this information publicly available for our customers to see. 

Another goal is to grow our eco-focused retail partners. We already partner with some incredible eco-conscious retailers like Re:Plenish, Karma Co-op, and Zero Waste Emporium. We know there are so many more like them across Canada and our goal is to grow our presence in the plastic-free and waste reducing retailers and community, helping us reduce our own environmental impact in the process!