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Sustainable, Meat-Free Pet Food
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Hope for true animal lovers

Who want to make an impact

HOPE’s unique recipe harnesses the benefits of diverse and novel ingredients found in nature. Carefully balanced to be great for your pet, your planet, and your conscience!

Eco-friendly dog

You Love Animals

You Love The Planet

So Should Your Pet Food

In 2020, many of us are choosing a more sustainable, meat-free or flexitarian diet – for good reasons! When looking for ethical and eco-friendly options for our families, we want alternatives that are all-natural and well-balanced. We need products that fit our lifestyle and offer superb nutrition.

Your pets deserve the same.

Finally, there is an option that provides all the nutrition your pet needs, with no sacrifice.

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You shouldn't have to chose between your pet and your values

With Hope, you don't have to.

We worry about our impact at every stage so you don't have to

Your pet is always our first priority. We work with a great team to make sure our products live up to our values.

Scientists and Nutritionists

We have experts on board to ensure our food is healthy, balanced, and safe

Animal Welfare Activists

We are animal activists, fighting for animal welfare and better legislation

Environmental Experts

We are looking at sustainability at every step – from our protein sources to our packaging

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