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Nothing Weird, Just Bugs

We’re on a mission to use science and kindness to make radically better and sustainable pet food. Our all women team of scientists and nutrition experts looked high and low for the most nutrient-dense, responsible novel ingredients, and are excited to introduce you to HOPE!

HOPE for your pets, your planet, and our collective future. Our first line, Berry Buglicious is made with yummy insect protein – and we’re excited to tell the world about why bugs are better!

We want to deliver responsibly made pet products that will rock your dog’s world. We also want you to love our products as much as your pup does – that’s why, as far as we’re concerned, drool worthy taste and top-notch nutrition are non-negotiable.

Not only are alternative proteins like insects nutritious and sustainable, but they are also delicious! At least, your dog thinks so!

Of all meat produced in North America goes into our pet's food
Pet food in North America creates more emissions than all cars in Canada
Producing meat for North American pets requires more land than the area of Italy

These are the goals we can help address

The UN has established 17 goals to ensure global prosperity


The pressure for large amounts of human grade meat for pets taxes our food systems


HOPE can help reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce pet food


75% of the emissions associated with pet food come from the production of the meat ingredients


The world's fish stocks are overexploited. HOPE helps conserve marine ecosystems by being fish free.


Human activity has altered 75% of the Earth's surface. HOPE helps protect biodiversity by being meat free.

HOPE and Sustainable Pet Food in the News!

  • Developed by specialists

    HOPE products are formulated by pet nutrition and protein specialists

  • FEDIAF and AAFCO guidelines

    HOPE products adhere to the European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF) recommendations and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines.

  • Quality Standards

    Each batch of HOPE pet food is tested by a third-party laboratory, and each ingredient has been carefully considered, researched and tested.

— Nothing Weird, Just Bugs! —

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— Sustainable Protein Without Sacrifice —

We Mean it When we say Bugs are Better
Insect-Based Dog Food
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    9X the omegas of wild salmon
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    More iron than spinach
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    2X the protein of beef
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    More calcium than milk
Algae is rich in protein and minerals

Algae contains higher levels of iron and copper than red meat or spinach! Microalgae ( i.e. Spirulina, Chlorella) are a…
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Yeast are rich in protein and support gut health.

Yeast is high in protein with a rich amino acid profile. It supports gut health and dogs love the taste!

Chickpeas are a good source of protein and fibre

Along with protein and fibre, chickpeas contain vitamins A, E, K, B9, B2, B5, and B6. They are a good complementary…
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Insect Protein
Black soldier fly protein and oil

Insects are rich in protein and contain all essential amino acids for dogs to thrive and live a healthy life.…
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Nourishing Your Pet and Your Planet

Our priority is to offer high quality products with all the nutrients our dogs need to thrive! We then set out to find the kindest, most sustainable high quality source of those nutrients. If we look beyond meat and beyond plants, there are ingredients with exquisite nutritional profiles across the tree of life such insects, algae and yeast.

Learn more about the alternative proteins we use, how we select them, and what part each ingredient plays in our formula.

Alternative Protein Dog Kibble
Alternative Protein Dog Kibble

Backed By Science

Alternative Protein Dog Kibble

— Pets and Alternative Proteins are our Passion —

Our Incredible Team

Main Dog Model

Very good boi, fetch specialist, and avid taste tester.

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Founder and CEO

Scientist, protein expert, and ultimate optimist!

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Humane Ethical Dog Food


Rescuer, advocate for animals, and mum to a wide menagerie

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Pet Nutrition Specialist

Pet nutrition specialist with a passion for sustainability

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Marketing Manager

Storyteller, pet lover, and the best kind of horse girl

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