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Exceptional Nutrition You Can Feel Good About

HOPE is for all animal lovers

Who want to make an impact

HOPE is 100% meat-free, junk-free dog food that is better for your pet and planet. Guided by science and kindness, our insect and algae-based recipes taste great and deliver exceptional nutrition, all while helping the planet!

Eco-friendly dog

You Love Animals

You Love The Planet

So Should Your Pet Food

Many of us have begun reducing our meat consumption for health and sustainability reasons.

At HOPE we asked: why are our pets being left behind?

HOPE Pet Food is a complete balanced diet that uses hypoallergenic insect protein instead of meat, for a nutrient rich alternative. We select high quality, local ingredients to formulate a food we are proud to serve.

We can all use a bit of HOPE for the future – we find HOPE in creating exceptional nutrition that does good!

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We understand the pressure of navigating labels, and wanting to get it right. It is important that you feel good about the food you select. We want to help.

The HOPE team is as exceptional as the food we make.

  • 100% women founded and women-led

  • All Canadian, from sourcing to manufacturing

  • A social enterprise on a mission to reimagine the pet food industry with science and kindness

  • Committed to fact-based formulation and full transparency

HOPE puts your values into action

Exceptional nutrition you can feel good about

We worry about our impact at every stage so you don't have to

Your pet is always our first priority. We work with a great team to make sure our products live up to our values.

Scientists and Nutritionists

We have experts on board to ensure our food is healthy, balanced, and safe

Animal Welfare Activists

We are animal activists, fighting for animal welfare and better legislation

Environmental Experts

We are looking at sustainability at every step – from our protein sources to our packaging

Proudly sourced, formulated and manufactured in Canada

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How close are we to hitting the shelves?

Ingredients Sourced, Manufacturer Ready ✔
Recipe Created with Pet Nutrition Specialists ✔
Pilot Test Run to Test Cooking Process - Underway!
Post-Cooking Nutritional Analysis
Flavour Testing - Currently Seeking Doggo Taste-Testers
Bags ship in February 2021 - Preorder Now!

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