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Leaving Livestock and Fish Farming Behind

We were concerned with the health, environmental and animal welfare issues around traditional ingredients and even though we love plants, plants cannot provide all the nutrients pets need!

We've said before: nature is wise and plentiful. Why not look beyond plants? At HOPE, we pride ourselves on using natural, nutrient rich ingredients like insects, algae and fungi to compliment plants.

Berry Buglicious - Insect Based Biscuits

Made with Canadian and eco-friendly ingredients make an extremely tasty treat for your dog whilst creating little impact on the environment.

HOPE Berry Buglicious dog treats are made with sustainable and high in protein black soldier fly larvae and in combination with other Canadian ingredients, like oats, cranberries and maple syrup. We use apple cider vinegar as a natural preservative.

Your dog won’t be able to resist!

HOPE's Complete and Balanced Dry Dog Food

Coming soon!

Our adult maintenance dog food is made with Canadian, sustainable and natural ingredients that offer all the essentials your pet and the planet needs in one package. Is not only formulated to meet AAFCO but also every batch is tested to make sure all the nutrients are there in the right quantities!

Black soldier fly larvae supply an abundance of high-quality protein and all of the essential amino acids dogs require, while being extremely tasty for your best friend. 

We source our ingredients from Canadian farmers and suppliers. Our insects come from a Canadian insect producer based in British Columbia